Analyzes, charts, ratings + trade data in the searchData Network decentralized platform

What is the advantage of SearchData?

All data for investor, trader and crypto enthusiast. Frequency of information updates every 2.88 seconds!

For investors and crypto traders, the most important factor in their work is data transfer speed. After all, the decision taken in the course of work depends on this factor. In this, searchData outperforms all its competitors.

The contract $CODE was written by professionals. Every line of $CODE has been tested and verified on the $TRON network. Anyone can audit the contract.

Each member of our community can participate in internal competitions for developers in solving urgent $SDATA problems. The winners will be rewarded with special $GRANTS.

sData Network has announced a free $sData token giveaway. Join our airdrop and get $30 in $sData Coin + $20 for each partner. More than 10,000 participants.

sData Coin

$sData Coin basic sData Network token created on the $TRON blockchain.

$sData Coins can be sent, received and stored in any wallet that has TRC20 support.

In the third quarter of 2021, staking based on $sData Coin will be released.

sData Coin


Name: sData Network

Ticker: sDATA Coin

Decimal: 4

Network: TRON (TRC20)

Total Supply: 7 700 000


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Contract transferring data in 2.88 seconds.

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